Von der Heyden Group welcomes Mr Javier Errejón Sainz de la Maza!

It is our great pleasure to inform that Mr. Javier Errejón Sainz de la Maza joined the team of the Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) and was appointed as the Managing Director Finance and Investments for the entire group starting from January 1, 2007.

Mr Javier Errejón Sainz de la Maza will be responsible for VDHG’s projects development in Europe and at the same time has become the Managing Director of Von der Heyden Development Sp. z o.o. (VDHD), the service consultancy arm of the VDHG.

With reference to a dynamic development of the Von der Heyden Group’s projects in Poznan, Mr Adam Trybusz will concentrate on the Group’s activities in Poznan and stay in management boards of VDHG Poznan companies and also Nowy Świat 5 Sp. z o.o. and Długi Targ Sp. z o.o.

Mr Sven von der Heyden will remain active as the Chairman of the Group and will continue to supervise business in Poland, Spain and Germany.

We are delighted to welcome Javier in our team, the experience he has gained both with his previous companies as well as during his studies shall ensure the further development and success of our group”. I am personally relieved to have him on board, given the numerous activities of Von der Heyden Group in Spain, Poland and Germany we needed another person strong in financial matters“, said Mr Sven von der Heyden.

Mr Javier Errejón Sainz de la Maza said:I am very pleased to join the Von der Heyden Group. Several reasons made me take the decision to join it: the impressive track record of the Group, the outstanding and exceptional team working in it and the professional respect I have for Mr. Sven von der Heyden. I strongly believe in the future development of the Group and will do my best to contribute to reach the highest possible goals“.

Mr Javier Errejón Sainz de la Maza is a graduate of ICADE University where he studied business administration and law and holds the Master degree in Business Administration at  IESE. He has been working in companies such as Price Waterhouse, Riansa and some nine years for Aldeasa (Spain and Latin America’s number one Duty Free retailer) and Ferrovial (Spain’s largest construction company) in leading positions within the financial and development departments. He also teaches Financial Management at ICADE’s MBA from time to time.


Von der Heyden Group welcomes Mr Javier Errejon Sainz de la Maza

Andersia Tower – Home for renowned international investors coming to Poznań!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group, is pleased to announce that the highest building in Poznan, Andersia Tower, is 96% leased!

Long-term lease agreements have been signed a few months before finishing construction works. Andersia Tower is after Poznan Financial Centre the second class ‘A’ office building developed in Poznan and will house reputable international companies. For some of them, Andersia Tower will be the first headquarters not only in Poznan but in the whole of Poland. This shows that in spite of a very dynamic development of other Polish cities like e.g. Wrocław and Kraków, the city of Poznan has still been perceived as one of the most attractive investment places in Poland.

We are honoured to welcome Andersia Tower‘s Tenants:

1. Ernst & Young (742 sqm) The world’s leading tax consultancy company, a world leader in tax advisory and auditing. The company provides professional services in audit, business, accounting, translation, grants and incentives, real estate and training. E&Y Poland employs over 1100 employees in 5 local offices. Ernst & Young audits nearly 20% of the companies listed in the ‘Business Week’s’ 1000 largest international companies.

2. Efect Financial Consulting (Efekt Doradztwo Finansowe) (250 sqm) the company has become one of the most important players in overall financial market in Poland. Efect’s financial advisers offer its customers the best individual financial solutions which include insurance, credits and investments. In Poland there are 500 employees working for Efect.

3. Grafton Recruitment (180 sqm) a world class provider of recruitment solutions. Grafton has experienced an impressive growth pattern in the last five years. The network has built to a total of 70 branch operations spanning 19 different countries including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Chile, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France, Belgium, Turkey and the UAE.

4. IKB Leasing Polska (1.172 sqm) member of the IKB Deutsche Industriebank Group, is one of the largest manufacturer-independent equipment and vehicle leasing companies in Poland. The company is a subsidiary of IKB Leasing GmbH in Hamburg, one of Germany’s leading mobile asset leasing companies with international operations. IKB Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o. specializes in equipment and production line leasing. The activities of the company focuses on the following branches of industry: metalworking and processing, plastic processing, printing, logistics, food, beverage and tobacco, wood processing.

5. 6.655 sqm – rented to an international, renowned yet undisclosed entity.

On this occasion, Mr Sven von der Heyden, Von der Heyden Group’s Chairman said: ‘I am truly amazed that we have repeated the enormous success of PFC (Poznan Financial Centre) in 2001 and are now, 5 months before completion even more occupied than we were with PFC at the same time. Together with the long term income from the Hotel component, managed by IBB Hotels, Andersia Tower is another masterpiece of perfect engineering, efficiency and foremost right market timing. I want to thank our “evergreen” advisors of Knight Frank and our whole team who have contributed to make this next dream come true for us.’

Mr Łukasz Ziółek, Ernst & Young Partner said: ‘Our firm pays great attention to attractive and prestigious locations of our offices. Andersia Tower is a modern building that offers comfortable and friendly working environment for our staff and visitors and reflects the high quality of the services we provide to our clients.’

Mr Adam Trybusz, Managing Director of Andersia Tower: ‘The Public Private Partnership concept can be difficult, sometimes even bitter, but when it all comes together – as with the Andersia Tower project realised with the City of Poznan then the sheer satisfaction of the accomplishment outweighs all the earlier difficulties and obstacles. Why shouldn’t we feel proud that a gaping hole in the city’s urban fabric is filled with good architecture and in achieving our targeted profits we create a place where new firms can prosper and further stimulate the local economy with the prospect of employment for another 1500 to 1700 young, well qualified Poznan citizens. “Poznan. Life at its best” – Now I can agree with that. A harmonious development compatible with its urban fabric does not end with simple investment returns. It needs to be judged against the reduction in unemployment, seen alongside the City’s growth and employment strategy, in raising the quality of work opportunities which in turn generate an increase in tax revenues that further regenerates the local economy let alone the additional property taxes. These human aspects have a greater significance and a longer lasting effect. This is how great cities are built.’

Andersia Tower is a joint venture between the Von der Heyden Group and the City of Poznan. It is the first investment started in Poznan after Poland’s accession to the EU. It makes the 2nd phase of the Anders Square development and after Poznan Financial Centre successfully completed in 2001 and sold to AIB Fund in December 2004.

Andersia Tower will be a mixed-use development comprising 32,000 sqm gross of office, hotel and leisure space. The upper floors will be used for top class ‘A’ office space of app. 10.500 sqm. The lower part of the project will be used for a **** deluxe hotel operated by IBB Hotels Polska, who already successfully manages the IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin as well as the newly acquired **** Hotel an der Krämerbrücke in Erfurt, Thuringia.

Completion of Andersia Tower is scheduled for summer 2007.

Investment costs are estimated at app. Euro 58 million.


ANDERSIA TOWER – home for renowned international investors

Von der Heyden Group invests in Munich together with Bayern Projekt GmbH!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group is delighted to communicate that the VDHG has made the first important purchase in the Bavarian homeland of its Chairman, Mr. Sven von der Heyden.

In the top strategic location in Munich, on the border to Bogenhausen, at the beginning of the highway A94, providing access to the Munich Fair, VDHG and Bayern Projekt GmbH have purchased 3 office buildings and a warehouse building. The three pieces of real estate were purchased from two communities of heirs and Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH (= the publisher of Süddeutsche Zeitung daily).

On signing of the purchase contract, Mr. Sven von Heyden, Von der Heyden Group’s Chairman, said: “Like in the case of all interesting real estate transactions, also the purchase of these 3 outstandingly situated buildings was a genuine challenge. The success of the project is based particularly on successful synchronization of interests of fundamentally different sellers. I am glad that with this piece of hard work, our Group and Bayern Projekt have been able to reach such a favorable result. Following our intensive acquisitions in Leipzig and Erfurt during the last 18 months, we now again have both feet firmly on the ground in Munich, a fact which we are very proud of.”

Mr Sven Renz, the Managing Director of Bayern Projekt GmbH and Bogenhausener Tor Immobilien GmbH, said: “Considering how difficult the ownership and plot situation was, and given the challenges of the conceptual phase, this is a day full of joy for us. We would particularly like to extend our thanks to Von der Heyden Group for their trust, as well as a successful and competent completion of the purchase. Moreover, we are also glad to have found in Von der Heyden Group a capable investor and a visionary partner, who, after years of restraint, has again found its way back to its homeland Bavaria.”

Bogenhausener Tor Project:

The investment made through a special-purpose subsidiary Bogenhausener Tor Immobilien GmbH, includes three functional well-maintained office buildings with rented space of over 85%, as well as one three-story warehouse building with rented space of 70%. The investment’s total net usable floor space is approximately 20,500 sq m, including office floor space of approximately 13,000 sq m, warehouse floor space of approximately 6,500 and parking space for nearly 180 vehicles.

The VDHG’s partner in the joint-venture founded for the purpose of project implementation and asset management is Bayern Projekt GmbH, a Munich-based real estate company with more than 20 years of operation experience, since 2002 lead by its Managing Partner, Sven Renz, FRICS. Over the last couple of years, Bayern Projekt GmbH has acted as an initiator and laid the foundation for the Group’s real estate investment.

The purpose of the investment is, next to the return-oriented acquisition of rented buildings in a very good strategic location in Munich, to achieve a higher-than-average value-added with a lower risk profile through professional project development and long-term asset management.

The acquired 3 plots are not only attractive as a result of merging them, but there is also a significant location-related potential and prospects of enhancement in value as a result of present developments and the presence of a number of renowned companies, which have already settled in the direct neighborhood.

The present rental situation in Munich, the diversified structure of the existing rental agreements, as well as flexible concepts of a potential future project development – such as densification of the plot’s area – allow various estimates, which allow a very positive view of return or risk-related aspects.


Von der Heyden Group invests in Munich together with Bayern Projekt GmbH

Von der Heyden Group sold its ‘Maraton Gardens’ Project in Poznań to Restaura!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group is pleased to announce that Von der Heyden Group has sold one of its residential plots in Poznań to the experienced and renowned Spanish developer – Restaura, a company specializing in purchasing historical buildings for their renovation and later resale.

Maraton Gardens project is located in the heart of Poznań, at the intersection of Królowa Jadwigi Street and Maratońska street in the close neighbourhood of the Old Town. The site is 22.332 sqm.

Von der Heyden Group has sold not only the site itself but the completely prepared investment package with a building permit ready for realization. The architectural design has been prepared by PRC Architekci, a company that co-operated with VDHG’s other projects in Poland like e.g. Liberty Corner in Warsaw, or in terms of interior design with soon to be completed Andersia Tower in Poznań. The Maraton Gardens project foresees 251 apartments in 6 buildings (each max. 5-6 floors) with an underground car park.

Although financial terms were not disclosed, on signing of the sale purchase agreement, Mr Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group said:

“We are happy that the Project has found a serious buyer for whom I personally have a lot of respect. We have decided to sell Maraton for a series of reasons such as the stateof the market and the fact that we have projects only in Poznan in the pipeline of more than Euro 140 mln. And last but not least something I have learnt from my days working as a Bond Dealer, nobody ever died taking profits”.

Mr Adam Trybusz, the Managing Director for Poznań, said:

‘I didn’t work at the stock exchange but I learnt a lot from Sven von der Heyden. Moreover, as a Poznan resident I’m glad we have a new professional developer at the local market. As it’s about my role in the Group, sale of the ‘Maraton Gardens’ project releases energy for next buildings at the Anders Square. Believe me, we are only half way now. We have ‘Andersia Front Office’ and an exciting ‘Andersia Silver’ in front of us.’


Von der Heyden Group sold its ‘Maraton Gardens’ Project in Poznan to Restaura

Grand Opening Ceremony of the ‘Andersia Tower’ building and IBB Andersia Hotel !!!

We are pleased to announce that the official Grand Opening Ceremony of the ‘Andersia Tower’ building and IBB Andersia Hotel took place on December 6, 2007.

Von der Heyden Group’s representatives: Mr. Sven von der Heyden – VDHG Chairman and Mr. Adam Trybusz – VDHG Managing Director for Poznan, together with the Poznan City Authorities: Mr. Ryszar Grobelny – the Mayor of the City of Poznań, and President of IBB Hotels – Mr. Damian Ilull officially opened the ‘Andersia Tower’ Building and IBB Andersia Hotel in the very heart of Poznan.

After officially speeches, Father Jan Góra consecrated the whole building.

What followed was the whole night party with the main motive of James Bond movies and not only …

The whole ceremony was hosted by famous Polish TV presenters: Agata Konarska and Tomasz Kammel. A Polish star, Tatiana Okupnik, gave an electrifying concert. The banquet was enjoyed by more than 500 invited guests, amongst them: investment partners, contractors, banks, media representatives and celebrities.

Andersia Tower – a landmark transaction on real estate market!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) has a great pleasure to announce that Von der Heyden Group entered into a landmark transaction on the Polish real estate market and sold its flagship mixed-use development in Poznan – Andersia Tower to an internationally recognized renowned fund DEKA Immobilien. DEKA Immobilien is responsible for worldwide purchases and sales of properties, managing assets, and providing all other property-related services. DEKA Immobilien belongs to DekaBank Gorup that manages fund assets of about 17 billion euros.

With the sale of the 19 story Andersia Tower as THE top class A building in Poznan, its prestigious tenants and the quality of the offices and the Hotel component managed by IBB Hotels, VDHG has certainly broken a record with respect to its low capitalization rate, which has never before been achieved in any city outside of Warsaw.

Although details on financial terms were not disclosed, on signing of the sale purchase agreement, Mr Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group commented: “Irrespective of the current turbulences on the World financial markets DEKA has been brave and forward thinking to acquire this prime property from us in an all-cash transaction. The Von der Heyden Group remains closely related to the building given its involvement in IBB Hotels as the operator of the Hotel component. We are proud to have closed this sale to DEKA and we want to wish this great Investment Fund all the luck for the future. As always, our closest advisors of Knight Frank and Clifford Chance have greatly contributed to a smooth and professional closing”

Mr Adam Trybusz, Managing Director for Poznan, Von der Heyden Group, said: “Poland is developing and becoming increasingly attractive not just because of Warsaw’s booming property market. The country’s economic development is also evident in the economic growth of its regions. Secondary cities like Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Gdansk and Lodz all have plenty to offer in terms of Prime Property – international real estate which is highly sought after because of the cash flows it generates, the quality of tenants it attracts, and the urban planning of its district. I am glad that this moment has arrived. I am proud to be able to say that VDHG has played, and continues to play, a major role in the development of the City of Poznan. Those projects that VDHG has realised with the City of Poznan would make excellent case studies of how a public and private partnership can work well in practice. While this is admittedly difficult from a legislative perspective, it is not impossible provided there are clearly established goals. The watchword is transparency, from which comes mutual trust.”

In the transaction, Von der Heyden Group was advised by Knight Frank Sp. z o.o., a company that also together with Von der Heyden Development contributed to the 100% leasing up of Andersia Tower. Mr Piotr Górecki, representing Knight Frank said:The hotel and mixed use hotel-office development transactions are rarely seen on the Polish market due to the limited supply of good quality products. Therefore available investment opportunities are very attractive for international investors. The success of the commercial development depends, however mostly on three elements: its location, quality of the building and the market strength of the tenants. Andersia Tower has it all: Poznań, Pl. Andersa, the developer experienced in top quality commercial buildings and renown, reputable companies occupying its space. This elements place Andersia Tower among of the most unique investment products in Central Europe.”

Andersia Tower (development costs of Euro 64 mln, total development area 42.668 sqm) is a Joint Venture between Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) and the City of Poznań, located in the heart of Poznan, Poland. It perfectly blends into the environment with the 1st phase of the Anders Square development, Poznan Financial Centre (“Intelligent Building 2001″Award, developed by VDHG as well) but also with the neighboring Stary Browar Development. After PFC, Andersia Tower is again a perfect proof that private & public partnership can work well.

Andersia Tower is the tallest building in Poznań (102,1m) and the first mixed-use development with both hotel (4 star de-luxe, located on the first 9 floors of AT) and office functions (class A, upper levels). The turn-key developer’s product was fully leased up while still under construction.

The office part is 100% let and houses prestigious tenants such as: Franklin Templeton Investments Poland, Ernst & Young, IKB Leasing, Pannatoni Development. The hotel part makes the high-class 4-star hotel with 171 rooms, suits with an executive floor, presidential suite, retail outlets, restaurants, extensive conference centre and bankquet & ball rooms for up to 800 people, swimming pool, fitness club and a steam bath. The IBB Andersia Hotel is operated by IBB Hotels that has been successfully operating, e.g. Grand Hotel Lublinianka, Poland.

As the state-of-the-art technology was applied in building construction and some solutions were used in Poland for the very first time, there is no doubt that Andersia Tower can be rated as one of the very few really intelligent buildings. It conforms to the most strict standards of intelligent facilities as well as set-up standards performed by Von der Heyden Group in its European projects.

Andersia Tower was designed applying the top quality materials, natural materials have been used (marble, wood, combination of natural stone and Venetian plaster). The hotel part is comparable with the standard of a five star hotel both in terms of finishes, amenities and size of the rooms. It was vital for the investor to offer a unique hotel product and a particular focus was put on the interior design and high quality and comfortable hotel equipment.

Some innovative interior design solutions for the first time in Poznan and partly in Poland have been introduced, e.g. chaise lounge (unique window-sills arrangement – the window sill finished with an upholstered seat and a sliding table), or the bathroom glass panels.

The building complies with the sustainability idea in many ways, none of the materials used is by any means hazardous to health. Building Management System guarantees energy saving management of the building and quick intervention in case of malfunctions or emergency. The building has no boiler room, so there is no air pollution. In a swimming pool the technology of “low salinity of water” was introduced, and the technology based on electrolysis of salt. This materially improves the environmental aspect and both hotel and SPA guests are not bothered with chlorine substances and unpleasant smell.

Architect: Pracownia Architektoniczna Ewy i Stanisława Sipińskich Sp. z o.o.

General Contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Sp. z o.o., “zero stage” performed by Warbud S.A.

Hotel Interior design: PRC Architekci Sp. z o.o.

Project Manager: Grupa Inwestycyjna Probuild Sp. z o.o.


Andersia Tower sold – Press Release – Final – ENG

Andersia Tower announced as the ‘Best Hotel Development Project 2008’!

We have a pleasure to inform that during CEPIF Fairs Von der Heyden Group’s project – ‘Andersia Tower was awarded ‘CEE Best Project Awards 2008’ in a category ‘Best Hotel Project 2008’.

The competition ‘CEE Best Project Awards’ is organized by CEPIF & International Herald Tribune and is dedicated to developers active in the entire Central and Eastern Europe region. The Best Projects are chosen in seven different categories: office, retail, warehouse, hotel, residential, revitalisation and mixed-use project. Von der Heyden Group was nominated and then short-listed for the ‘AndersiaTower development in two categories: hotel and mixed-use project.

The voting process for ‘CEE Best Project Awards 2008’ took part is two stages: on-line voting – during which short list was chosen and the final voting during the CEPIF Fairs. The winners in each category were announced at the CEPIF Gala Party on May 14, 2008.


Von der Heyden Group acquires further shares in IBB Hotels!

It is a great pleasure of IBB Hotels and Von der Heyden Group to jointly announce that Von der Heyden Group has become through an additional purchase of shares the 70% majority shareholder in IBB Hotels, a Spanish origin hotel chain that has been successfully operating on the Spanish, Polish and German markets.

In 2001 Von der Heyden Group, a pan-European investor and developer acquired 25,5% of the shares in IBB Hotels, followed by an increase to 40% in 2005, to 50% in 2007 and now to 70% in 2008.

IBB Hotels was founded in 1992 by Damian Llull in Menorca, entered the Polish market in 2002 as the first Spanish hotel chain in Poland. IBB Hotels commenced its operations in one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in Lublin, the four star de-luxe Grand Hotel Lublinianka.

The common values shared by the developer and the hotel operator such as top quality individual approach and care for detail allow for an excellent teamwork between the two companies. A strategic plan for the future has been developed to increase the portfolio in Spain, Poland and Germany by opening in each of those countries one new hotel per year. At the same time, IBB Hotels will look for new destinations including in Asia. To support the plan a new corporate image has been created for IBB Hotels Brand.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group, said: “We have always felt a particular love for Hotel business and for the IBB Brand as such. Given the strengthening our capital base of the company, IBB is now able to grow to a different category Hotel Operator. IBB’s strength is a human and professional approach in doing business with Hotel Owners, our care for detail and our hands-on cost management. The stronger link between the two firms will shorten even more communication lines and increase efficiencies within the group.”

Angel Llull, Managing Director of IBB Hotels in Poland and Germany, said: “Von der Heyden Group entered IBB company a few years ago buying part of the shares. That was a very important step as it created good synergies and opened new markets. Now with the increase of the participation in the company, it will allow to develop the company faster, better and quicker. It is very important for IBB Hotels to have the support and knowledge of Von der Heyden Group in order to achieve the future goals.”

Only recently in July 2008, IBB Hotels has expanded in Germany and opened a second four star hotel in the heart of the Bavarian three-river city Passau, in front of the main station and only a few steps from the historical Old Town.

IBB Hotels:

The IBB Hotels Group was founded in 1992 by Damian Llull with the purchase of 20 apartments in one of the bays in Menorca, the present location of the headquarters of the company. In 2001, Von der Heyden Group purchased 25,5% shares in IBB Hotels and by the continuous acquisition of shares became the main shareholder in the following years. This has allowed IBB Hotels to enter the Polish market in 2002 where the Von der Heyden Group has already had a well-established position as a real estate developer and investor. Through the opening of IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin, IBB Hotels was the first Spanish hotel chain operating in Poland.

Today, with around 12 hotels and projects in Germany, Spain and Poland, the company develops an ambitious expansion plan for the pan-European market and not only.

In Poland, besides the existing IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin and IBB Andersia Hotel in Poznan, the IBB Hotel Gdansk on the prominent Dlugi Targ is in the pipeline. In Spain, the company is involved in the development of golf hotel projects and SPA Hotels. The focus is on a 4-star de luxe standard, centrally located and the acquisition is not excluded, something rare in the industry.


Von der Heyden Group acquires further shares in IBB Hotels

Von der Heyden Group invests in Valadis Systems

We are pleased to announce that Von der Heyden Group has invested in Valadis Systems, a B2B highly advanced and personalized Internet technological platform and a booking system dedicated to worldwide tourism business with more than 40.000 Hotels under contract. Von der Heyden Group has acquired during 2008, 30,4 % of the shares in Valadis and became the company’s largest shareholder.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group, said: “I am thrilled to have entered with our group into a new venture. Given the recent turmoils on the financial markets and weakening real estate markets we decided to continue extending our investments into another business with great potential and future. We actively support Valadis to reach its ambitious goal of Euro 100 mln. revenue in 2009. Valadis’ team is highly skilled and motivated, which is the basis for any successful business”. He further mentioned “We are blessed to have disposed 2 major real estate assets during the last 18 months which enables Von der Heyden Group to diversify into other industries and at the same time be prepared for smart deals in Real Estate what we know best”.

Valadis is developing a continuous innovation effort. Antonio Peña, CEO of Valadis, announced the launching of Valadis Manager an Open Source travel solution based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, targeting wholesalers, incoming agencies and travel agencies’ groups after a large R&D&I investment. Antonio Peña: “I’m convinced that Valadis Manager will dramatically improve the distribution capacity and strategy of our Clients with a flaexible business model. With Von der Heyden Group’s financial support and approach to business, Valadis will be able to achieve all its goals and become a key player in this industry”.


Valadis is a Spanish origin B2B on-line wholesaler of high quality products specializing in commercial distribution and marketing within the global tourism industry.

The main pillars of Valadis’ business model are:

  • intensive use of the most advanced technology at the market and focus on R+D+I to provide top tailor made service
  • experienced and highly professional staff made up of engineers specialized in tourism technology, tourism experts and marketing experts
  • commitment to efficient and result-oriented management
  • unbeatable foothold in the European sales channel soon to expand to the American and Asian markets. India and Latin America about to be opened in 2008.

A complete system made up of a back-office and business intelligence tools offer total control over B2B and B2C platforms’ transactions.

Valadis thanks to it’s highly advanced booking technology enables clients such as Travel Agents, Hotels, Air Ticket Wholesalers to make at record speed on-line bookings in more than 40.000 hotels throughout the world, quote groups on-line, make complex MICE bookings, book airline tickets, book circuits transfers and excursions and access to a special platform aimed at out-bond wholesalers. What is needed is only an internet connection. Valadis co-operates very closely with Versys Travel. Valadis’ hotel clients are distributed through Versys Travel’s channels with no charge increasing the selling potential to more than 15,000 travel agencies throughout the world.

Valadis and Versystravel with the headquarters in Palma de Mallorca employ 55 highly professional staff: engineers and marketing specialists.

It is planned to potentially float the Valadis company on the stock exchange by 2010.

For further information about Valadis Systems, please contact:

Antonio Peña, Managing Director


[email protected]

Visit Valadis on net: www.valadis.com, www.versystravel.com


Von der Heyden Group invests in a monumental XIXth century piece of art building in the triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland

The 5 star Hotel Römerbad in Badenweiler throughout its long history traditionally known as the ‘Cultural Residence’ has been purchased by the Von der Heyden Group. It is stunningly located at the hill of the Castle Square and surrounded by 25.000 sqm owned park and forests overlooking French Vosges Mountains, Rhein intervale and the Old Town of Badenweiler in the Markgräfler Region, Germany. Basel and Mulhouse are only a 20 minutes drive away.

After the Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin, the renovation project of the historic Menorquin Mansion named Cugó Gran (opening in 2010), this acquisition shows once again the Group’s enthusiasm for unique and unrepeatable buildings.

The Hotel Römerbad first opened its doors in 1825. It was owned by four  generations of Johann Jacob Joner’s family who immigrated to Badenweiler from Switzerland. Throughout the years, the building was a few times reconstructed according to a design of an eminent Swiss architect Horace Edouard Davinet and developed into an impressive 4 wing extensive premises with a roofed inner patio, concert chamber, mansard roofs, towers, balconies and an ornamental façade. Due to the Hotel’s exceptional character and inspiring atmosphere, many cultural events, exhibitions and festivals of classical and modern art and music found their home in the ‘Cultural Residence’. ‘Music Days in Römerbad’ started by Klaus Lauer in 1973 have become an annual event until today, as well as ‘Literature Forums in Römerbad’.

Von der Heyden Group have purchased the Hotel Römerbad from Mr Karl-Heinz Berkner who owned the Hotel since 2005. He once came to Badenweiler to heal his broken hand with thermal waters and together with Mrs Brigitte Leitner saved the Hotel from insolvency, after the building went into serious financial problems following the death of the Joner’s family. Between 2005-2009 thorough renovation works were conducted and reached 4 mln Euros. The Hotel Römerbad was promoted from ‘First Class Superior’ to ‘Luxury Class’.

After the transaction, Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group said: ‘Like with any transaction, we thoroughly checked the past and the potential future of this stunning Hotel property. The due diligence took longer than normal and also financing was not an easy task, as one can imagine. But we delivered, thanks to our excellent performance in Germany both on residential and Hotel financing, and that is what counts. The Hotel enjoys very healthy room rates, has an excellent kitchen and huge potential for guests, who wish to relax, heal their pain or soul or celebrate small conferences. As owners of the property we now have to dedicate an enormous amount of time and passion and I am delighted, that IBB Hotels now operates its third Hotel in my home country Germany’.Furthermore he went on and said: ‘What is most important now is to find the right balance between treating the existing guests as ever, who enjoy the lovely service of the Hotel, and to promote the Hotel in new markets which have not yet been discovered’.

Starting from October 1, 2009, the Hotel Römerbad will be managed by the IBB Hotels, a Spanish origin hotel chain that has been now successfully operating for some 17 years on the Spanish, Polish and German markets.

Nowadays, the Hotel Römerbad offers to its guests 76 ample rooms and suites designed individually and overlooking the French Vosges Mountains, the Castle and a huge 2,5 hectare park surrounding the Hotel. Each room is furnished in the modern style and online with WLAN. What is particularly special is that the water pipes in each hotel room flow with healing thermal water from the Römerbad Thermal Spring. The new owners will carefully invest into improvements, foremost in rooms and technical installations during the coming years.

There is a well equipped wellness area in the Hotel with the Vital SPA Resort and 2 swimming pools: a large indoor one (8 x 20m) and outdoor (4,8 x 13m). Both pools are also filled with thermal waters from the Römerbad. Guests can enjoy a panorama restaurant, 3 patios: Bellevue, Schloßplatzterrasse and Terrazza Romana, country style ‘Römer Keller’ and ‘Caesar Bar’. There are 3 banquet halls and 3 conference rooms for 20 to 200 people equipped with modern conference technology. Nearby the hotel there are more than 12 golf courses for all levels.

Through its long history and tradition, the Hotel Römerbad hosted many personalities and people who influenced the history, art and literature, among others: Thomas Mann, Anton Tschechow, Friedrich Nietzsche, Willy Brandt, Johannes Rau, Andy Warhol.

Press release: VDHG invests in XIXth century piece of art building

Construction works of Andersia Business Centre in Poznan started!

Underground construction works of Andersia Business Centre (ABC) have just commenced. After a heavily competed tender for a General Contractor of “0” stage, Von der Heyden Group is pleased to announce Porr (Polska) S.A. as the winner! Porr is one of the leaders of the European construction market. The underground works of Andersia Business Centre (ABC) are planned to be completed in October 2010.

Andersia Business Centre (ABC) is a joint venture between Von der Heyden Group and the City of Poznan located in the very centre of Poznan. It constitutes the third phase of Anders Square development.

The first phase of Anders Square development, Poznan Financial Centre (“Intelligent Building 2001 Award”), and the second phase, Andersia Tower (“Building of the Year 2007), were also developed by Von der Heyden Group. PFC was sold to AIB Polonia Property Fund S.a.r.l. in December 2004 and Andersia Tower was sold to DEKA Immobilien in January 2008.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group, said: “The crisis on the financial market has put most of our projects on hold for the last 1 ½ years or so. We are convinced that the ABC office development will be another success of the Von der Heyden Group in Poznan and that our timing of commencing construction now is just perfect.”

For the realization of ABC development project, a special purpose company, Andersia Business Centre Sp. z o.o. will be established.

Adam Trybusz, Managing Director of Andersia Property Sp. z o.o. and Von der Heyden Group in Poznan said: “Last time we started a project in Poznan with such enthusiasm was with PFC over 10 years ago. Then, our enthusiasm expressed a beginning of a great adventure. Andersia Tower was a consequent continuation. ABC already today tells the story about taking up new challenges and loyal partnership.”

Andersia Business Centre (ABC) will be a high class, 5 storey above ground, office complex located in front of the PFC and Andersia Tower Building in the very centre of Poznan, in the neighbourhood of the Old Town, Stary Browar and Poznan International Fairs. ABC will comprise of app.14.500 sqm net usable area and two underground levels with 170 parking places. The investment value is estimated at app. Euro 33 million. Financing negotiations are underway and the first phase of the underground works are secured by own funds.

The ABC building has been designed by the Architectural Studio of Ewa and Stanislaw Sipinscy who had also designed the previous two phases. Probuild Sp. z o.o. acts as the Project Manager. Knight Frank is an exclusive agent and a financial advisor.

The developer is currently in the process of discussing with a series of interested tenants in order to enter into pre-leases. Once a reasonable amount of pre-leases are in place, another tender for the above ground construction works will be organized.

The ABC complex will complete the whole area composition. It will provide a representative frontage for Krolowa Jadwiga Street in Poznan. Additionally, between PFC and Andersia Tower, a modern illuminated pedestrian passage will be created leading to an internal patio between Andersia Tower and ABC. Together with a neighbouring Stary Browar it will add even more life to this office, hotel and retail centre in Poznan.

In the future, Von der Heyden Group plans also the fourth final phase of Anders Square development, Andersia Silver. After Andersia Tower it will be the highest building in Poznan, the company has in place all necessary permits to construct up to 116m.


Press release – Construction works of ABC in Poznan started-29-03-2010