Andersia Tower – a landmark transaction on real estate market!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) has a great pleasure to announce that Von der Heyden Group entered into a landmark transaction on the Polish real estate market and sold its flagship mixed-use development in Poznan – Andersia Tower to an internationally recognized renowned fund DEKA Immobilien. DEKA Immobilien is responsible for worldwide purchases and sales of properties, managing assets, and providing all other property-related services. DEKA Immobilien belongs to DekaBank Gorup that manages fund assets of about 17 billion euros.

With the sale of the 19 story Andersia Tower as THE top class A building in Poznan, its prestigious tenants and the quality of the offices and the Hotel component managed by IBB Hotels, VDHG has certainly broken a record with respect to its low capitalization rate, which has never before been achieved in any city outside of Warsaw.

Although details on financial terms were not disclosed, on signing of the sale purchase agreement, Mr Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group commented: “Irrespective of the current turbulences on the World financial markets DEKA has been brave and forward thinking to acquire this prime property from us in an all-cash transaction. The Von der Heyden Group remains closely related to the building given its involvement in IBB Hotels as the operator of the Hotel component. We are proud to have closed this sale to DEKA and we want to wish this great Investment Fund all the luck for the future. As always, our closest advisors of Knight Frank and Clifford Chance have greatly contributed to a smooth and professional closing”

Mr Adam Trybusz, Managing Director for Poznan, Von der Heyden Group, said: “Poland is developing and becoming increasingly attractive not just because of Warsaw’s booming property market. The country’s economic development is also evident in the economic growth of its regions. Secondary cities like Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Gdansk and Lodz all have plenty to offer in terms of Prime Property – international real estate which is highly sought after because of the cash flows it generates, the quality of tenants it attracts, and the urban planning of its district. I am glad that this moment has arrived. I am proud to be able to say that VDHG has played, and continues to play, a major role in the development of the City of Poznan. Those projects that VDHG has realised with the City of Poznan would make excellent case studies of how a public and private partnership can work well in practice. While this is admittedly difficult from a legislative perspective, it is not impossible provided there are clearly established goals. The watchword is transparency, from which comes mutual trust.”

In the transaction, Von der Heyden Group was advised by Knight Frank Sp. z o.o., a company that also together with Von der Heyden Development contributed to the 100% leasing up of Andersia Tower. Mr Piotr Górecki, representing Knight Frank said:The hotel and mixed use hotel-office development transactions are rarely seen on the Polish market due to the limited supply of good quality products. Therefore available investment opportunities are very attractive for international investors. The success of the commercial development depends, however mostly on three elements: its location, quality of the building and the market strength of the tenants. Andersia Tower has it all: Poznań, Pl. Andersa, the developer experienced in top quality commercial buildings and renown, reputable companies occupying its space. This elements place Andersia Tower among of the most unique investment products in Central Europe.”

Andersia Tower (development costs of Euro 64 mln, total development area 42.668 sqm) is a Joint Venture between Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) and the City of Poznań, located in the heart of Poznan, Poland. It perfectly blends into the environment with the 1st phase of the Anders Square development, Poznan Financial Centre (“Intelligent Building 2001″Award, developed by VDHG as well) but also with the neighboring Stary Browar Development. After PFC, Andersia Tower is again a perfect proof that private & public partnership can work well.

Andersia Tower is the tallest building in Poznań (102,1m) and the first mixed-use development with both hotel (4 star de-luxe, located on the first 9 floors of AT) and office functions (class A, upper levels). The turn-key developer’s product was fully leased up while still under construction.

The office part is 100% let and houses prestigious tenants such as: Franklin Templeton Investments Poland, Ernst & Young, IKB Leasing, Pannatoni Development. The hotel part makes the high-class 4-star hotel with 171 rooms, suits with an executive floor, presidential suite, retail outlets, restaurants, extensive conference centre and bankquet & ball rooms for up to 800 people, swimming pool, fitness club and a steam bath. The IBB Andersia Hotel is operated by IBB Hotels that has been successfully operating, e.g. Grand Hotel Lublinianka, Poland.

As the state-of-the-art technology was applied in building construction and some solutions were used in Poland for the very first time, there is no doubt that Andersia Tower can be rated as one of the very few really intelligent buildings. It conforms to the most strict standards of intelligent facilities as well as set-up standards performed by Von der Heyden Group in its European projects.

Andersia Tower was designed applying the top quality materials, natural materials have been used (marble, wood, combination of natural stone and Venetian plaster). The hotel part is comparable with the standard of a five star hotel both in terms of finishes, amenities and size of the rooms. It was vital for the investor to offer a unique hotel product and a particular focus was put on the interior design and high quality and comfortable hotel equipment.

Some innovative interior design solutions for the first time in Poznan and partly in Poland have been introduced, e.g. chaise lounge (unique window-sills arrangement – the window sill finished with an upholstered seat and a sliding table), or the bathroom glass panels.

The building complies with the sustainability idea in many ways, none of the materials used is by any means hazardous to health. Building Management System guarantees energy saving management of the building and quick intervention in case of malfunctions or emergency. The building has no boiler room, so there is no air pollution. In a swimming pool the technology of “low salinity of water” was introduced, and the technology based on electrolysis of salt. This materially improves the environmental aspect and both hotel and SPA guests are not bothered with chlorine substances and unpleasant smell.

Architect: Pracownia Architektoniczna Ewy i Stanisława Sipińskich Sp. z o.o.

General Contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Sp. z o.o., “zero stage” performed by Warbud S.A.

Hotel Interior design: PRC Architekci Sp. z o.o.

Project Manager: Grupa Inwestycyjna Probuild Sp. z o.o.


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IBB Andersia Hotel and IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka win Expedia Awards 2009!

It is a great pleasure of IBB Hotels and Von der Heyden Group to announce that IBB Andersia Hotel in Poznan and IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin have been chosen as an Expedia Insiders’ Select hotel as one of the world’s top properties!

Expedia is the world’s leading online travel company with the largest travel marketplace and unmatched global demand across 70 points of sale in more than 55 countries.

The Expedia Insiders’ Select list is an annual award recognizing the very best hotels in the world as judged by the experience of Expedia’s clients. Based on hundreds of thousands of hotel reviews submitted by Expedia’s travelers, IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka and IBB Andersia Hotel were identified and awarded for: “consistently delivering superior services, an exceptional guest experience and notable value.”

What makes this Award even more special is that the Expedia Insiders’ Select program includes just 1% of all hotels in the world offered on Expedia.

After receiving this valuable distinction, Angel Llull, Managing Director of IBB Hotels, said: “This award motivates whole team as it is the result of the hard and tough work we have been doing in our first year of operations. We are a hotel chain with the obsession to offer the highest quality service to our guests, and recognitions like this show us that we are on the good track..”

Through continuous acquisitions of shares during the last years, Von der Heyden Group has become a majority shareholder in IBB Hotels, a Spanish origin hotel chain that has been successfully operating on the Spanish, Polish and German markets.

The common values shared by the developer and the hotel operator such as top quality individual approach and care for detail allow for an excellent teamwork between the two companies.

A strategic plan for the future has been developed to increase the portfolio in Spain, Poland and Germany by opening in each of those countries one new hotel per year. At the same time, IBB Hotels will look for new destinations including in Asia. To support the plan a new corporate image has been created for IBB Hotels Brand.

IBB Hotels:

IBB Hotels was founded in 1992 by Damian Llull in Menorca. In 2001 Von der Heyden Group purchased 25,5% shares in IBB Hotels and by further acquisition of shares became the main shareholder in the following years.

IBB Hotels entered the Polish market in 2002 where at that time, the Von der Heyden Group already had a well-established position as a real estate developer and investor. IBB Hotels commenced its operations in one of the most beautiful heritage buildings in Lublin, the four star de-luxe Grand Hotel Lublinianka and became the first Spanish hotel chain operating in Poland.

Today, with around 7 hotels and projects in Germany, Spain and Poland, the company develops an ambitious expansion plan for the pan-European market and not only.

In Poland, besides the existing IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin and IBB Andersia Hotel in Poznan, the IBB Hotel Gdansk on the prominent Dlugi Targ is in the pipeline. In Spain, the company is involved in the development of some projects. The focus is on a 4-star de luxe standard, centrally located and the acquisition is not excluded, something rare in the industry.


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Expedia Awards 2009

IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka and IBB Andersia Hotel awarded for exceptional hospitality services!

TOPHOTEL 2015: ‘Best weekend Hotel in Poland’ for IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka

‘Brand of the Year’ Award: ‘Best City Business Hotel in Poland’ for IBB Andersia Hotel

‘Super Star Award’ (2nd place) for conference centre in Poland for IBB Andersia Hotel
IBB Hotel Collection (IBBHC) and Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) are delighted to jointly announce that two IBBHC hotels in Poland: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka and IBB Andersia Hotel have been granted prestigious market awards for exceptional hospitality services.

IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin has won TOPHOTEL 2015 award as ‘The best weekend hotel in Poland’, and IBB Andersia Hotel in Poznań has obtained: a ‘Brand of the Year’ prize in ‘City Business’ category, as well as a ‘Super Star Award’ (2nd place) for its conference center, both awards granted during Hotel Brand Awards 2015 at Polagra and Hotel Invest Fair in Poznań.

Recent awards for IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka and IBB Andersia Hotel, prove not only the well-established renown of Polish IBB hotels to deliver first-rate standards, but also the ability of IBB Hotel Collection to perfectly address needs of different type of guests. Previously, both buildings have also gained numerous development awards, e.g. IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka: ‘Best Overall Development 2002’, ‘Laur Konserwatorski 2003’, ‘Zabytek Zadbany 2003’, ‘Kryształowa Cegła’, and IBB Andersia Hotel, e.g.: ‘Building of the Year 2007’, ‘Best Hotel Development Project 2008’, ‘CEE Hotel & Leisure Development of the year 2007’ (2nd place).

Growing success of IBB Hotel Collection paves the way for another hotel in Poland coming soon – IBB Długi Targ Hotel in Gdańsk and demonstrates the IBBHC Group capacity to effectively utilize its key assets – a combination of top locations, knowledge  and professional and friendly staff.

The 90 Room IBB Długi Targ Hotel Project (estimated investment value: Euro 11 mln) developed by Von der Heyden Group, is based on refurbishment and conversion of three historical semidetached city houses into a unique hotel in a unique place. This property acquired by VDHG is located in the most attractive part in the heart of Gdańsk, at the corner of historical Długi Targ Boulevard and Mieszczańska Street, almost opposite to the Neptun’s Statute and the Dwór Artusa Building. In February 2015, ‘Długi Targ’ Hotel Project has obtained bank financing with the best offer made by Alior Bank S.A.

Construction works are planned to start in January 2016 and finish in 2017. The building has been re-designed and will now boast about 1.200 sqm of prime retail space on the ground floor combined with an internal rearrangment.

About ‘Hotel Brand Awards‘ and ‘TOPHOTEL Awards‘:
Hotel Brand Awards are presented on the basis of various factors determining the power of the brand to attract guests. Depending on their character, hotels are rivaling in 10 categories in a competition organized by: Profitroom, leading supplier of IT solutions for hotel bookings, and Poznań International Fairs.

Hotel Brand Awards engage leading experts in branding and hospitality gathered on annual Invest-Hotel exhibition. Winners of the competition are selected by 200 representatives of the hotel industry during Hotel Marketing Conference. IBB Andersia Hotel gained ‘Brand of the Year’ prize in ‘City Business’ category and ‘Super Star Award’ in ‘Conference’ category, proving its ability and flexibility to be a hosting partner for biggest market players and create excellent environment for its guests’ businesses.

In September 2015, IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka obtained a TOPHOTEL 2015 prize as the best hotel destination for a weekend in Poland in an annual contest organized by is the leading portal for on-line room reservations in Poland with more than 200 thousands hotels in their offer. Since 2008 has been presenting TOPHOTEL prizes in 19 categories differentiating the character of services delivered by hotels in Poland, and two additional awards – TOPHOTEL Partner and TOPHOTEL of the Year. Hotels are nominated on the basis of a grade obtained from users of website and opinions of hundreds companies using Corporate Travel Assistant to book their business travels. The best hotel in a given category is selected through a vote on TOPHOTEL website.


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