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Climate action

The Von der Heyden Group addresses its environmental impact and contributes to sustainability efforts. Our approach reflects a comprehensive strategy to mitigate carbon emissions and promote environmental responsibility:

ESG Data Collection Tool: Adopting an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data collection tool was a crucial step in understanding our impact. This tool helps us track our usage and carbon emissions (Scope 1 & 2), which are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.

Setting Goals: We aim to reduce our environmental footprint by 2030 in line with the Goals of the European Green Deal.

Collective Effort: Reducing carbon emissions requires a combined effort and are proud to have the involvement from all departments and levels to drive change.

Investment in Sustainable Properties and Projects: The Group is committed to investing in new properties and projects that meet internal sustainability criteria in light of creating long-term positive impact for ESG.

Improving Energy and Water Efficiency: We are continually enhancing the energy and water efficiency of the Group’s existing properties and projects considering both resource conservation and operational efficiency.

Carbon Offsetting: We recognise that there may be instances where emissions cannot be completely eliminated and have implemented carbon offsetting by investing in renewable activities, such as hydroelectric power, to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

Scope 3 Emissions Reduction: The Group is also Addressing Scope 3 emissions, which arise from indirect activities in the value chain, including supply chain activities. Sourcing locally where possible can reduce emissions associated with transportation and logistics.


For a more Sustainable future

As part of the Group’s CSR strategy, we are not only focused on creating an open and comfortable place of work for all our employees, but also place great importance on dignified working conditions in our supply chains. We will continue supporting and partnering with selected charities as well as organising Group and subsidiary-level volunteering initiatives in our key locations.


Investing in Purpose

Through the implementation of new and the solidification of existing internal policies, the Group consistently makes sure that our founding values are reflected in every action:

People: This represents our ambition to create a welcoming work environment across the Group that fulfils our employees’ potential in dignity and equality. As well as that, we want to continue supporting social causes to support people in vulnerable positions.

Process: This is our goal to embed the principles of agency, accountability and stewardship in our governance. This means clearly defining our corporate values & our purpose, and place this at the centre of the business.

Performance: To align the Group’s financial and environmental goals by investing in quality assets, developing sustainable and high-quality real estate, expanding the organisation's sustainable luxury hospitality offerings that will allow for higher ADRs and therefore higher margins, and lowering the Group’s operational carbon footprint through the use of energy- and cost-saving strategies.

Purpose: Our ambition to protect the planet lies in the goal to reduce our impact on the environment through responsible consumption and the decarbonisation of our activities, especially on the hospitality front. On the development side, our aim is to build sustainably, monitor our supply chains and create buildings that are climate resistant, meet current & future sustainability standards and support the needs of the present & future generations.

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