Von der Heyden Group invests in the heart of Gdansk Old Town!

It is our great pleasure to announce that after Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin and Andersia Tower in Poznan, Von der Heyden Group has started its new 4 star hotel development in Poland: Dlugi Targ Hotel Project in Gdansk.

The von der Heyden Group took part and has won a complex tender organized by Millenium Bank and acquired a prestigious property at the corner of historical Dlugi Targ Boulevard and Mieszczanska Street, almost opposite to the well known Neptun’s Statue and the Dwor Artusa building.

The newly owned property is one of the most attractive buildings in the exceptional tourist part of Gdansk. It consists of three semidetached historical city houses with three different historically renovated and well preserved frontal elevations. Von der Heyden Group plans to convert the buildings into a 4 Star Deluxe boutique Hotel, after a thorough refurbishment which is planned to start in autumn of 2006 and will last until winter 2007. The total area is approximately 2.500 m2.

The hotel rooms are planned to be located on four floors, many of them facing the vibrant life and streams of tourists on the Dlugi Targ Boulevard. In order to obtain the required space for a banquet and event hall and additional hotel rooms, the southern wing of the building will be extended. The objective is to obtain a homogenous impression with the front part of the building, in close co-operation with the city conservator of monuments. The building will be renovated to keep its charm and historical character.

Sven von der Heyden, Von der Heyden Group Chairman said: “This is one of our most beautiful acquisitions for years and we are convinced more than ever, especially in a fierce competitive environment, that only location counts. Within Gdansk, the location can hardly be beaten and we are certain that this enterprise, even though below the average of our usual transaction size, will turn into a financial success story.”

Adam Trybusz, Von der Heyden Group Managing Director for Poland added: “We will develop a hotel where tourists will feel as if they were in the best hotel in Amsterdam old-town. The atmosphere, architecture and the service, all will make them travel to Gdansk instead of Amsterdam and our aim is that Gdansk has no vacant hotel rooms.”

When ready, the luxury hotel will offer international services standards for business travelers & tourists. For guests’ disposal there will be 44 spacious, well designed rooms and suites, an exquisite restaurant with 45 seats, a banquet & event hall (350 m2) and various fitness facilities.

The Hotel will be managed by the Spanish hotel chain IBB Hotels. Since 2003, this will be the third hotel run by IBB Hotels in Poland, after the successful management of the Grand Hotel Lublinianka and the launch of Andersia Tower Hotel in Poznań in spring 2007.

Estimated market value upon completion: app. Euro 7,5 mln


Von der Heyden Group invests in the heart of Gdansk Old Town

‘Długi Targ’ Hotel development project in the heart of Gdańsk Old Town!

  • Debt financing closed!
  • Start of construction works:  September 2015!
  • Opening of IBB Długi Targ Hotel Gdańsk: Spring 2017!

With history of over 1000 years, Gdańsk is one of the oldest, one of the most dynamic and one of the most popular tourist destination in Poland. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdańsk forms a conurbation of over 1.2 mln inhabitants. Gdańsk, as the capital of the Pomerania Province is also an important academic and business centre in the country.

‘Długi Targ’ Hotel Project – a unique property acquired by Von der Heyden Group in a complex tender from Millenium Bank back in 2006, it is located in the most attractive part in the heart of Gdańsk, at the corner of historical Długi Targ Boulevard and Mieszczanska Street, almost opposite to the Neptun’s Statute and the Dwór Artusa Building.

In the middle of February 2015, ‘Długi Targ’ Hotel Project has obtained bank financing. From among all banks invited to co-operation, the best offer was made by Alior Bank S.A.

On closing, Sven von der Heyden, Von der Heyden Group’s Chairman said: ‘It has taken us an unusually long time to move ahead with this beautiful project. First our dreams got shattered by the financial crisis and the consequential loss of financing for Hotel developments in Europe and in particular in Poland. Then we had other projects going in the Von der Heyden Group such as Munich and Poznan, which needed 100 % of our attention. The suffered delays are really not a problem as we own 3 properties in a marvellous location and once the location is great, time is not that important. We are now full of enthusiasm for the project ‘Długi Targ’ and are convinced that the new IBB Długi Targ Hotel Gdansk will be financially very succcessful’.

The Investor is currently in the process to close the design works with a local architect Michał Skwarło and Tomasz Wojtkowiak – interior designer, prepare technical documentation and organise a tender for the General Contractor. Construction works are planned to start in September 2015 and finish in spring 2017.

Adam Trybusz, the President of the Management Board of Długi Targ Sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle to implement the project, and finance partner said: ‘There are locations in which you have faith in against any economic calculation, consultants and other IRR enthusiasts. You just believe in it, you stay patient and humble and the time comes when they all change their minds and your project receives the second life. It’s also the right timimg. This is what we experience now, we are awarded for our faith into the ‘Długi Targ’ project.’

The ‘Długi Targ’ development project (estimated investment value: Euro 11 mln) is based on refurbishment and conversion of three historical semidetached city houses into a unique hotel in a unique place.

The initial concept of Von der Heyden Group was to create a top 5* refined boutique hotel, however, due to changing market environment, the initial idea responded the local market needs and an efficient and trendy 3* Superior hotel will be created. The characteristics of the external façade will be carefully preserved, however at the same time, the interiors will be modern and full of innovative solutions.

The Investor is in possesion of all permits to start the construction. At first, the tender for the General Contractor will be organised and closed by the summer 2015. There are also works conducted on the technical design in order to increase the number of hotel rooms and decide on the function of the groundfloor. Construction works will start not earlier than in September 2015 in order not to interfere with unique holiday atmosphere at Długi Targ Boulevard.

The newly opened hotel that is planned for Spring 2017, will be operated by a dynamic hotel group: IBB Hotel Collection (IBBHC). IBBHC in Poland successully operates renowned to 4* hotels like: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin and IBB Hotel Andersia in Poznań, both enjoying the best results in terms of REVPAR and occupancy. IBBBHC operates as well two 4* hotels in Germany and three 4 and 3* hotels in Spain (more info about IBBHC: www.ibbhotels.com).

In the new hotel in Gdańsk, guests will have 88 rooms and comfortable apartments at their disposal located on four floors. The venue will offer almost 1.000 sqm for retail lease, or hotel additional services, such as e.g. a restaurant, beauty centre and exquisite boutiques. The city of Gdańsk will offer unforgettable memories and numerous events like e.g. St. Dominic’s Fair that is held in Długi Targ Boulevard, it’s the oldest dated from the 13th century, the most famous, and one of the largest open air events in Europe that attracts about 6.5 mln guests to Gdańsk every summer.


Press Release – DT – 27.02.2015 ENG

Długi Targ under construction

Von der Heyden Group has finally started the construction of the Długi Targ hotel project in Gdańsk.

The Długi Targ project was acquired by Von der Heyden Group in a tender held by Millenium Bank some years ago and is located in the most attractive part in Gdańsk, at the corner of historic Długi Targ boulevard and ul. Mieszczańska, almost opposite the Neptune statute and the Dwór Artusa building. The tender to choose a general contractor was won by locally based company Allcon. Allcon Budownictwo specialises in general contracting under design-and-build type contracts and turn-key projects. Architectonica Michał Skwarło, a local studio has been chosen for the architectual design of the Długi Targ project and the interior design is made by Toya Design from Poznań. The project manger is Probuild. “Our timing at the acquisition was not ideal, just before the financial crisis broke in 2007/2008. We have taken advantage of the delays this imposed and optimised the design, increased the number of rooms and found a strong banking partner in Alior Bank,” said Sven von der Heyden, Von der Heyden Group’s chairman, on the signing the agreement. The hotel will be opened in late summer 2017 and will be managed by IBB Hotel Collection.

The estimated development budget for the project is EUR 11 mln. The project is based on the refurbishment and conversion of three historic semi-detached town houses into a 90-room hotel with a total area of app. 4,500 sqm. “The initial concept of Von der Heyden Group was to create a five-star boutique hotel. However, due to the changing market environment, the initial idea was adapted and a three-star hotel will be created. The building will also have prime retail space on the ground floor,” the developer explains. The characteristics of the external façade will be carefully preserved, while the interiors will feature modern innovations. The building will have five above-ground storeys. On July 1st, 2016 the cornerstone ceremony will take place. “Długi Targ will be the first development project of Von der Heyden Group in Gdańsk and the group is actively observing the local market for further opportunities,” the company has stated.

In Poland, IBBHC operates two four star hotels: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin and IBB Andersia Hotel in Poznań.

Source: Eurobuild CEE