Von der Heyden Group reports comprehensive improvements

“Von der Heyden Group’s holding company TIMAN Investments Holdings Limited, has published the consolidated results for 2021 and reported an improvement in its adjusted EBITDA margin, the generation of positive cash flow from operating activities, increased investment levels while maintaining a strong liquidity position.”

Source: Times of Malta


Von der Heyden Group joins 191 countries for World Clean-Up Day

Von der Heyden Group and its subsidiaries Von der Heyden Yachting, Cugó Gran, and Hammett’s Collection joined forces with Camper & Nicholson’s Grand Harbour Marina for World Clean-up Day, covering the iconic marina in the three cities and around fort St. Angelo.

The entities participated in the global initiative that unites millions of volunteers, governments, and organisations in 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build a sustainable world. The teams cleaned the foreshore of Birgu, collecting over 50 bags of debris, micro-plastics, cigarette butts, and trash from around the marina on land and at sea that would have otherwise polluted the Grand Harbour’s seabed.

Head of Sustainability Anuschka von der Heyden commented, ‘We are very proud and grateful to our business and local community that helped tackle the global waste crisis in this majestic location. Such initiatives aren’t just about a clean-up but help raise awareness of the importance of a clean environment and how this is vital to a community’s livelihood in all imaginable aspects.’

Investments set in stone

“For over 30 years, Sven von der Heyden, founder and Chairman of the Von der Heyden Group, has successfully undertaken some of the most challenging real estate development projects around Europe. His vision to push boundaries while ensuring the highest standards has remained unchanged.”

Source: Malta Stock Exchange Business Review

Investments set in stone MSE 11 10 2022



Sustainable diversification is key

“Former Finance Minister and Executive Director at Von der Heyden Group TONIO FENECH says diversification in markets and investments is key in a world in constant transformation. In a recent interview with The Malta Independent on Sunday, Fenech adds that the Group’s initial focus on high-quality real estate has enabled them to branch into a series of high-end and complementary services with great success.”

Source: The Malta Independent