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Von der Heyden Group celebrates its 30th Anniversary in Munich

The Von der Heyden Group announced its 30th Anniversary as a leading international investment firm in the European Real Estate market recording impending acquisitions, developments and offices in over 10 strategic locations (*) around Europe. The group was founded in 1989 as a financial advisory firm in Munich, Germany and quickly grew into a real estate investment and development firm with its first projects in Dresden and Berlin later followed by Warsaw.

Since its inception, the Von der Heyden Group has today recorded an investment program, impending acquisitions and developments with a value of over half a billion euro.  The group is renowned for configuring a high return on its investments, its high-end finishes in its developments and for achieving record prices for its award winning projects when sold.

The Von der Heyden Group conducts four pillars of business with an international team of over 400 people; including real estate investments and real estate developments, its hotel group IBB Hotel Collection as well as alternative investments.

The investment firm has this year announced multi-million investments of its own funds and that of third parties in Ukraine, marking its expansion into a 5th market beyond Germany, Poland, Spain and Malta in light of strengthening Ukraine’s economic growth and development. The group, with extensive experience of being a first mover in upcoming markets, plans to invest between 50-100 million US dollars in amongst others Kiev and Lviv.

Von der Heyden Group Chairman, Sven von der Heyden:

It is with great pleasure to celebrate the Von der Heyden Group’s 30th anniversary in Munich where it all started for the group back in 1989. 2019 marks three decades of trust in Europe with exceptional growth and landmark projects which have led us where we are today. Results have shown that our vision can be turned into reality, with a goal of growing our net asset value to over EUR 100m within the next 5 years.

The Von der Heyden group celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a reception at the BMW Welt in Munich. Bob Rottinghuis, the Von der Heyden Group’s Chief Executive Officer presented an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall to Chairman Mr. Sven von der Heyden to mark the group’s 30 years of trust in Europe and synonymously, to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall, a monumental time in history in 1989 when the group was founded.

VDHG 30th Anniversary Press Release ENG

The Von der Heyden Group Corporate video. Commemorating 30 years of Trust in Europe since 1989.


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