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Media > Poznań Financial Centre: The Grand Opening

Poznań Financial Centre: The Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of Poznań Financial Centre (PFC) took place on the 21st of September 2001. A press conference was organised prior to commencement of the official ceremony and the journalists had the opportunity to speak to: Sven von der Heyden – the Investor/Developer, Adam Trybusz – The President of Centrum Kongresowe Biurowiec, Grzegorz Michalski – the President of Centrum Kongresowe, Tomasz Kayser – Vice President of the City of Poznań and to the architects Ewa and Stanisław Sipińscy.

Apart from the traditional speeches and expressions of gratitude, there was also a symbolic opening of the building by Polkomtel S.A. – one of PFC’s key tenants. By using state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and sending an sms-message, a wooden model of the building was unveiled.

The Archbishop of Poznań, Juliusz Paetz, consecrated PFC and blessed all present.

All the guests received a surprise gift from Centrum Kongresowe Biurowiec in the form of a picture album with beautiful photographs of the building. This album tells the story about the development of Poznań Financial Centre, its history and the people who dedicated part of their lives to erect this building.

Upon completion of the official ceremony, the guests were treated to a concert by Golec Uorkestra band. Engineers, financiers, architects, consultants – everybody could sing along to the song “Ściernisko” which had a special meaning for all of those involved with the development of PFC.

And there was a banquet during which guests could talk about not just the history of PFC and the completion of construction, but also about further development plans on Andersa Square. During the banquet, the guests could admire an exhibition of photographs presenting the completed building and particular phases of its development.


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