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In the very heart of Warsaw: Historic “Wilcza 22” Front Building regained its glory!

The history of the building at 22 Wilcza Street in Warsaw dates back to the XIXth century, when it was constructed according to the design of two famous Warsaw architects: Aleksander Woyde and Karol Kozlowski. The value of the neo-Romantic piece of architecture was mentioned in pre-war guidebooks admired for its graceful harmony and refined ornaments. As a result of the war and followed by the communistic housing system, the building was first destroyed and then heavily devastated.

Having acquired the building back in 2000, Von der Heyden Group in co-operation with a small community of co-owners of the front building conducted thorough renovation and after 2,5 years of meticulous renovation works, construction works have finally finished in 2009. After the Grand Hotel Lublinianka, it is another historic renovation project performed by Von der Heyden Group in Poland.

Finally now in 2009, the “jewel of pre-war Warsaw architecture” regained its style recognizable in historic richly-decorated faşade covered with traditional sand-and-lime plaster flanked by two oriels supported by four Atlases, stucco work, staircase with mannerist and neo-classical motives as well as maintained original historical elements including renovated ceramic tiles, each staircase level with different composition and decoration, passageway to the courtyard with striking decorative effect and a remarkable historic entrance gate. All renovation works have been conducted in close co-operation with the Municipal Conservator of Monuments.

Except for the renovation itself, Von der Heyden Group has constructed an additional top floor to the Wilcza 22 building that together with balconies blend harmoniously and integrate with the original historic part. Additionally, a panoramic lift that adjoined the staircase from the courtyard has been constructed.

Having finished the project, Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group said: “Given the small scale of the development, it might sound weird, but this was probably the most meticulous and time consuming development we ever did in our more than 20 years of history. However, we are now full of enthusiasm to redevelop the courtyard of the building and also bring this part back to its pre-war glory.”

At the moment, there are 5 development-standard apartments left for sale with area ranging from 54sqm to 114sqm, each apartment has two levels and one up to three balconies. They are entirely untypical top roof apartments allowing for unrestricted creativity and imaginative approach to the interior design. There are no two repeatable apartments. Apartments in an intimate historic house in the vibrant with life very centre of Warsaw.

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