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Andersia Business Centre – Ground Breaking Ceremony!

Poznań, June 8th, 2010


Andersia Business Centre

‘The spring of 2010 has sorely tried the land, in the soil of whose the foundations of this building have been laid. Painfully tried by the fate, afflicted by the elements of limitless force, preoccupied with building strong Poland and stable Europe – our homeland and the homeland of all homelands – we feel a ceaseless surge of spring energy, faith, courage and joy – the most fundamental drivers of change. This force of creating something “new” is accompanied and supported by this organic work practice which is deeply rooted in Poznań; for many years this work practice has also been present in the actions of Von der Heyden Group, the Developer of the new building, with its name which, inspired by the first letters of the alphabet, is clear, simple and comprehensive – “ABC – Andersia Business Centre”.

It is already for the third time that the City of Poznań and Von der Heyden Group have made efforts and taken the risk of transforming disused stretches of the city area into vibrant centre forming city space. The success of the two earlier projects – the buildings of Poznań Financial Centre and Andersia Tower and the fruitful collaboration of the Parties involved, allows us to look into the future with confidence and courage; this is the future we wish to be proud of and we are prepared to take a full responsibility for. We want this creation of our brains and brawn to serve the City and its residents, so that the development would be as universal as the European character of Poznań and Poland.

On the 8th day of June 2010, we laid the Foundation Stone which initiates the building and which symbolizes its sturdiness as well as the effort of many people. This act itself already confirms the conceptual, planning and organizational works that took months to complete. Now the time has come to commence the construction works. We hereby hand over the control to the builders, and kindly ask for a blessing to the efforts already put forth and the efforts ahead of us.

May the Foundation Act of Andersia Business Centre serve as a proof of the joint effort and success of the City of Poznań, governed by the Mayor, Mr Ryszard Grobelny, the Developer, Von der Heyden Group and Andersia Property Sp. z o.o. – the co-operating parties, Mr Sven von der Heyden and Mr Adam Trybusz, the business partner – Wielkopolskie Centrum Wspierania Inwestycji Sp. z o.o. with Mr Grzegorz Michalski, Architects Ewa and Stanisław Sipiński, contractors Porr (POLAND) S.A. and their guarantor, Mr Peter Hartman, advisors and consultants – people of solid know-how: Mr Józef Borowski and Mr Mariusz Gaertner, as well as many other obliging and hard-working People.’

This Act has been entered into in harmony and friendship by people who are proud of their work:

Mr Ryszard Grobelny, Mayor of Poznań

Mr Sven von der Heyden
Mr Adam Trybusz

Mr Grzegorz Michalski

Mrs Ewa Sipińska
Mr Stanisław Sipiński

Mr Peter Hartmann

Mr Józef Borowski

Mr Mariusz Gertner

All obliging and hard-working people


ABC Charter of Foundation – 8.06.2010
ABC Press Conference – 8.06.2010


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