Von der Heyden Group deploys its Asset Management Division after being granted Regulatory License in Ukraine

Von der Heyden Group, an international investment firm on the European Real Estate market with a value of over 650 mln euro in aggregated invested assets has been granted an asset management license by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) of Ukraine. The registered license establishes the Group, with a long track record of being a first mover in evolving free markets, as a pioneer to the investment potential that the Ukrainian real estate market offers. The license also marks the Von der Heyden Group as one of the very first foreign-owned real estate investment firms to obtain an asset management license in Ukraine over the last decade.

The license allows the Von der Heyden Group’s new asset management subsidiary to launch a real estate fund aimed at raising capital through the private placement of shares to professional investors with a minimum investment of 250k euro.

Robert Rottinghuis, Chief Executive Officer of the Von der Heyden Group:
The economic growth over the past 5 years coupled with the unrivalled locations of Kyiv and Lviv for real estate investments and developments has shown an increasing demand for high quality commercial, industrial and residential facilities. In an unprecedented climate, our fund is designed to be one of the building blocks for institutional investors’ continued adoption of real estate assets in upcoming markets. It provides a unique opportunity to secure competitive target returns and stable cash flows for our Group as well as for our limited partners.

The Von der Heyden Group have established a best-in-class local team with extensive real estate management experience. The fund’s annual net Internal Rate of Return (leveraged, after taxes and fees) is targeted to be in the double digits over the seven-year life of the fund. The Von der Heyden Asset Management Company enables the Group to manage its own sponsored funds as well as that of other institutional investors thus  providing exposure to a rapidly developing and upcoming real estate market.

The Von der Heyden Group Asset Management Company in Ukraine marks the Group’s further expansion as an international private investment, asset management and real estate development firm with representative offices in eight countries.