Andersia Tower – Home for renowned international investors coming to Poznań!

Von der Heyden Development, the service consultancy arm of Von der Heyden Group, is pleased to announce that the highest building in Poznan, Andersia Tower, is 96% leased!

Long-term lease agreements have been signed a few months before finishing construction works. Andersia Tower is after Poznan Financial Centre the second class ‘A’ office building developed in Poznan and will house reputable international companies. For some of them, Andersia Tower will be the first headquarters not only in Poznan but in the whole of Poland. This shows that in spite of a very dynamic development of other Polish cities like e.g. Wrocław and Kraków, the city of Poznan has still been perceived as one of the most attractive investment places in Poland.

We are honoured to welcome Andersia Tower‘s Tenants:

1. Ernst & Young (742 sqm) The world’s leading tax consultancy company, a world leader in tax advisory and auditing. The company provides professional services in audit, business, accounting, translation, grants and incentives, real estate and training. E&Y Poland employs over 1100 employees in 5 local offices. Ernst & Young audits nearly 20% of the companies listed in the ‘Business Week’s’ 1000 largest international companies.

2. Efect Financial Consulting (Efekt Doradztwo Finansowe) (250 sqm) the company has become one of the most important players in overall financial market in Poland. Efect’s financial advisers offer its customers the best individual financial solutions which include insurance, credits and investments. In Poland there are 500 employees working for Efect.

3. Grafton Recruitment (180 sqm) a world class provider of recruitment solutions. Grafton has experienced an impressive growth pattern in the last five years. The network has built to a total of 70 branch operations spanning 19 different countries including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Chile, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France, Belgium, Turkey and the UAE.

4. IKB Leasing Polska (1.172 sqm) member of the IKB Deutsche Industriebank Group, is one of the largest manufacturer-independent equipment and vehicle leasing companies in Poland. The company is a subsidiary of IKB Leasing GmbH in Hamburg, one of Germany’s leading mobile asset leasing companies with international operations. IKB Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o. specializes in equipment and production line leasing. The activities of the company focuses on the following branches of industry: metalworking and processing, plastic processing, printing, logistics, food, beverage and tobacco, wood processing.

5. 6.655 sqm – rented to an international, renowned yet undisclosed entity.

On this occasion, Mr Sven von der Heyden, Von der Heyden Group’s Chairman said: ‘I am truly amazed that we have repeated the enormous success of PFC (Poznan Financial Centre) in 2001 and are now, 5 months before completion even more occupied than we were with PFC at the same time. Together with the long term income from the Hotel component, managed by IBB Hotels, Andersia Tower is another masterpiece of perfect engineering, efficiency and foremost right market timing. I want to thank our “evergreen” advisors of Knight Frank and our whole team who have contributed to make this next dream come true for us.’

Mr Łukasz Ziółek, Ernst & Young Partner said: ‘Our firm pays great attention to attractive and prestigious locations of our offices. Andersia Tower is a modern building that offers comfortable and friendly working environment for our staff and visitors and reflects the high quality of the services we provide to our clients.’

Mr Adam Trybusz, Managing Director of Andersia Tower: ‘The Public Private Partnership concept can be difficult, sometimes even bitter, but when it all comes together – as with the Andersia Tower project realised with the City of Poznan then the sheer satisfaction of the accomplishment outweighs all the earlier difficulties and obstacles. Why shouldn’t we feel proud that a gaping hole in the city’s urban fabric is filled with good architecture and in achieving our targeted profits we create a place where new firms can prosper and further stimulate the local economy with the prospect of employment for another 1500 to 1700 young, well qualified Poznan citizens. “Poznan. Life at its best” – Now I can agree with that. A harmonious development compatible with its urban fabric does not end with simple investment returns. It needs to be judged against the reduction in unemployment, seen alongside the City’s growth and employment strategy, in raising the quality of work opportunities which in turn generate an increase in tax revenues that further regenerates the local economy let alone the additional property taxes. These human aspects have a greater significance and a longer lasting effect. This is how great cities are built.’

Andersia Tower is a joint venture between the Von der Heyden Group and the City of Poznan. It is the first investment started in Poznan after Poland’s accession to the EU. It makes the 2nd phase of the Anders Square development and after Poznan Financial Centre successfully completed in 2001 and sold to AIB Fund in December 2004.

Andersia Tower will be a mixed-use development comprising 32,000 sqm gross of office, hotel and leisure space. The upper floors will be used for top class ‘A’ office space of app. 10.500 sqm. The lower part of the project will be used for a **** deluxe hotel operated by IBB Hotels Polska, who already successfully manages the IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin as well as the newly acquired **** Hotel an der Krämerbrücke in Erfurt, Thuringia.

Completion of Andersia Tower is scheduled for summer 2007.

Investment costs are estimated at app. Euro 58 million.


ANDERSIA TOWER – home for renowned international investors