Von der Heyden Group announces the appointment of Anuschka von der Heyden as Head of Sustainability

The Von der Heyden Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Anuschka von der Heyden as Head of Sustainability effective on the 1st July 2022. This newly created role reflects the Group’s deep-seated commitments on climate change and ESG.

Joining the family business in a time of further expansion into new markets, Anuschka will lead the development and implementation of the Group’s ESG strategy. This appointment also aligns with the Group’s vision which aims to incorporate sustainable principles across its operations.

Anuschka von der Heyden said, “For quite some time, I have been seeking a role directly involving me in positive change. My aim is to create and execute strategies that will help the Group become more sustainable on both environmental and social levels. Our future depends on fragile ecosystems, and it is for us to own up to the impacts of our actions. This is particularly relevant to our expanding operations in the tourism and experiential industries. Our vision is to preserve and create value for today’s generations and tomorrow’s.”

Anuschka von der Heyden graduated from the University of Arts in London with a first-class honours degree and comes to the Group following a five-year stint in marketing and PR in London where she worked on several household brands and stock listed multinationals.

Bob Rottinghuis, Chief Executive Officer for the Group commented: “The Group’s ESG programme is a key pillar of our growth strategy. I am certain that Anuschka’s creativity and drive will take us beyond economic success and help us strengthen our ties to the international communities in which we operate and deepen our commitment to ESG”.

In the coming years, the Group will be taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint and engage in green energy business opportunities.

The Von der Heyden Group warmly welcomes Anuschka aboard and wishes her all the success and fulfilment in this key role in the Group.

Von der Heyden Group joins 191 countries for World Clean-Up Day

Von der Heyden Group and its subsidiaries Von der Heyden Yachting, Cugó Gran, and Hammett’s Collection joined forces with Camper & Nicholson’s Grand Harbour Marina for World Clean-up Day, covering the iconic marina in the three cities and around fort St. Angelo.

The entities participated in the global initiative that unites millions of volunteers, governments, and organisations in 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build a sustainable world. The teams cleaned the foreshore of Birgu, collecting over 50 bags of debris, micro-plastics, cigarette butts, and trash from around the marina on land and at sea that would have otherwise polluted the Grand Harbour’s seabed.

Head of Sustainability Anuschka von der Heyden commented, ‘We are very proud and grateful to our business and local community that helped tackle the global waste crisis in this majestic location. Such initiatives aren’t just about a clean-up but help raise awareness of the importance of a clean environment and how this is vital to a community’s livelihood in all imaginable aspects.’