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Wilcza 22

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The five-storey neo-Romantic house at 22 Wilcza Street, located in the heart of Warsaw, close to Trzech Krzyży Square and the Łazienki Park, is one of the few authentic jewels of Warsaw architecture that have survived the war. It was built in the 1890s to the design of two celebrated Warsaw architects: Aleksander Woyde and Karol Kozłowski.

The Von der Heyden Group working in close cooperation with the community of co-owners living in the Front part of the house started meticulous renovation work. Renovation works have been divided into three parallel tasks: the building of an additional floor, the construction of the panoramic lift, the renovation of the façade, staircase and an entrance gate. The building has regained its original façade and passageway leading to the courtyard. Additionally a glass lift has been constructed in the inner courtyard.

More information about the Wilcza 22 historic building, you will find in the brochure below:

Wilcza 22 brochure

Investment Value

€ 2.2 million


January 2009

Project Status

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