Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour awarded European Prix Versailles for design

The secretariat of the Prix Versailles, in association with UNESCO and with the International Union of Architects (UIA), has announced that the firm of Edwin Mintoff Architects has been awarded the European Prix Versailles Special Prize for the design of the Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour in Senglea in the category of Exterior Hotel Design. The Prix Versailles is awarded in recognition of the best projects around the world and the winners are rewarded for their “extraordinary architecture and design”.

The Secretariat summarised the award process by reiterating its mission statement:

“Inspiration, Progress and Inclusion: the Prix Versailles continues to pursue its mission of making architecture and design into tools for sustainable development with its various components: ecology (green economy) and society and culture (purple economy).”

Following a far-reaching call for submissions and a systematic press review, the winners have now been invited to compete for the World Title with the successful participants to be unveiled at the World Finale being held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris this coming September. As winners of this award, Edwin Mintoff Architects will be representing Europe in the Category of Exterior Hotel Design, to compete against the winners of the other five continents for the World Title. The firm was already awarded both the Din l-Art Helwa prize for ‘The Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Buildings’ and the Malta Architect Award in ‘Hospitality, Tourism Accommodation and Leisure’ for this project, and was also shortlisted for the Premju Galizia Urban Regeneration Award. The Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour forms part of the luxury Cugo Gran sub brand of international IBB Hotel Collection, with 13 hotels in Germany, Spain, Poland and Malta.

Von der Heyden Group celebrates its 30th Anniversary in Munich

The Von der Heyden Group announced its 30th Anniversary as a leading international investment firm in the European Real Estate market recording impending acquisitions, developments and offices in over 10 strategic locations (*) around Europe. The group was founded in 1989 as a financial advisory firm in Munich, Germany and quickly grew into a real estate investment and development firm with its first projects in Dresden and Berlin later followed by Warsaw. Since its inception, the Von der Heyden Group has today recorded an investment program, impending acquisitions and developments with a value of over half a billion euro.  The group is renowned for configuring a high return on its investments, its high-end finishes in its developments and for achieving record prices for its award winning projects when sold. The Von der Heyden Group conducts four pillars of business with an international team of over 400 people; including real estate investments and real estate developments, its hotel group IBB Hotel Collection as well as alternative investments. The investment firm has this year announced multi-million investments of its own funds and that of third parties in Ukraine, marking its expansion into a 5th market beyond Germany, Poland, Spain and Malta in light of strengthening Ukraine’s economic growth and development. The group, with extensive experience of being a first mover in upcoming markets, plans to invest between 50-100 million US dollars in amongst others Kiev and Lviv. Von der Heyden Group Chairman, Sven von der Heyden: It is with great pleasure to celebrate the Von der Heyden Group’s 30th anniversary in Munich where it all started for the group back in 1989. 2019 marks three decades of trust in Europe with exceptional growth and landmark projects which have led us where we are today. Results have shown that our vision can be turned into reality, with a goal of growing our net asset value to over EUR 100m within the next 5 years. The Von der Heyden group celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a reception at the BMW Welt in Munich. Bob Rottinghuis, the Von der Heyden Group’s Chief Executive Officer presented an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall to Chairman Mr. Sven von der Heyden to mark the group’s 30 years of trust in Europe and synonymously, to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall, a monumental time in history in 1989 when the group was founded. VDHG 30th Anniversary Press Release ENG

Von der Heyden Group opens New Offices in Ukraine for multi-million euro Real Estate investments in Kyiv and Lviv

Von der Heyden Group, an international investment firm on the European Real Estate market with a value of over half a billion euro in aggregated invested assets, has opened new offices in Kyiv in Q4 2019 to establish multi-million euro investments in Ukraine. The Group is renowned for being a first mover in emerging markets, creating landmark Class A office buildings, running award winning hotels and delivering superior returns from real estate investment.

The Group, founded in Germany in 1989, will invest around €50 million in commercial and residential properties in Kyiv and Lviv during its preliminary phase, aiming to increase this to up to fourfold in its mid-term portfolio expansion in a favourable market.

“Ukraine’s market is rapidly maturing, as the country continues to strengthen its institutional framework and align its economy with that of the European Union. For these and other positive reasons it tops the Von der Heyden list in offering the right investment opportunities. As we have done in Poland, our Group intends to make a lasting mark in Ukraine by being one of the first international real estate investors.”Robert Rottinghuis; Chief Executive Officer, Von der Heyden Group

The new offices in Ukraine marks the Group’s further expansion as an international private investment and real estate firm with representative offices in eight countries.

The Von der Heyden Group has appointed a local expert team, formed to expand the Group’s real estate portfolio led by Mr. Dmitry Havrylenko who assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer in Ukraine. Mr. Havrylenko until recently held the postion of National Director and head of the Ukrainian office of global investment management firm, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and has been a valued counsellor to a number of  leading professional services and investment firms. Having attracted more than USD 1 bln for Ukrainian companies, the Group’s Ukraine office CEO comes with over 15 years of experience in investment banking, private equity and real estate investments.

Tatyana Yarmolitskaya, a real estate professional with over 15 years of experience in real estate finance, investments and asset management joins the Von der Heyden Group as Investment Director. Until recently Ms. Yarmolitskaya held the role of Head of Capital Markets at the Kyiv office of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

Daniel Parsai, a lawyer by background with specialization in local and international taxation also joins the team as Legal & Tax Director, having worked on a variety of M&A and real estate transactions for multinationals and international institutional clients. Until recently Mr. Parsai held the role of Associate with the tax practice of  leading Ukrainian law firm, Arzinger.

VDHG Opens New Offices in Ukraine 24 01 2020 ENG
VDHG Opens New Offices in Ukraine 24 01 2020 UKR


Bavaria Towers: Leading German Asset Manager acquires Blue Tower from Von der Heyden Group

International investment firm Von der Heyden Group has announced the sale of Blue Tower at the Bavaria Towers to leading asset manager on the German market Real I.S consortium, after having secured long-term lease contracts for the state of the art project. The 18-storey Blue Tower acquired from the Group with co-developers BayernProjekt and co-investors Zurich Gruppe Deutschland, is the second highest tower of the four-part high-rise complex in Einsteinstrasse in Munich with a gross floor area of over 24,000 square meters. The tower has been sold at a record yield of less than 3%, registering the highest rate of return of equity for the Von der Heyden in their A-Class building portfolio.

The investment was made by Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK) fund managed by the largest AIFM in Luxembourg, Universal Investment. Real I.S.’s asset management mandate and purchase transaction included the asset and SPV management of the tower, complete with long-lease tech giant tenants NVIDIA and BayernHeim as well as Golding Capital Partners. The sale was collaborated by Colliers International and law firm Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein where the parties have agreed not to disclose the acquisition price.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman and founder of the Von der Heyden Group: “The Bavaria Towers was one of the first major high-rise projects to be approved in Munich in a long time. Over the span of fifteen years we strived for pioneering architecture, a community-oriented concept and an A-class tenant structure to deliver a spectacular development that would redefine Munich’s Eastern cityscape. Having a renowned buyer in this transaction is testament to the Group’s commitment in providing organic and valuable returns from quality real estate investment” he added further “this project has been seeing difficult times as well, but the persistence of our equity partners, the tireless hard work of our advisors, consultants but foremost the team of Bayern Projekt have made this an outstanding success”.

The Von der Heyden Group has over the past week made the real estate news with the opening of new offices in Ukraine to establish multi-million commercial and residential property investments in Kyiv and Lviv. The Group has a track record for being a first mover in emerging markets, creating landmark Class A office buildings, running award winning hotels and delivering superior returns from real estate investment.

VDHG Press Release sale of Blue Tower at the Bavaria Towers to Real IS 06 01 2020 ENG FINAL

Von der Heyden Group launches Real Estate Services in Sardinia

The Von der Heyden Group, a private investment and real estate firm active in real estate developments and investments, asset management and hospitality operations around Europe, has launched a Real Estate arm one of the Mediterranean’s most exclusive luxury locations, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. In over 30 years, the Von der Heyden Group has recorded investment programs, real estate assets, impending acquisitions and developments across more than 20 locations around the Globe.

Von der Heyden Group Real Estate will be included as another platform in the Group’s international investment portfolio and will provide a specialist perspective and bespoke brokerage service in the real estate market to buyers and property owners. The new business will also deliver rental, concierge services and property management.

Commenting on the Von der Heyden Group’s new pillar of business, Mr. Sven von der Heyden said: “As the real estate industry continues to evolve, our priorities remain the same; namely, working with local expertise we trust and with whom we have a deep, long-standing relationship. It is in the interest of the Von der Heyden Group as a dynamic international investment company specialising in quality Real Estate to continue to grow and develop our investment portfolio. The Von der Heyden Group’s enterprising real estate investments and developments, its award winning 11-hotel franchise and A-Class building property management expertise combined with its in-depth knowledge of the area, will offer a unique competitive edge for potential investors and experiential holiday makers”.

The Von der Heyden Group made international headlines on real estate news with the sale of the Blue Tower, forming part of Bavaria Towers one of Munich’s largest development projects, as well as the opening of new offices in Ukraine to establish multi-million commercial and residential property investments in Kyiv and Lviv.

Von der Heyden Group Real Estate has opened its head quarter offices with Partner and Managing Director Marco Solas in Costa Smeralda, having extensive experience in the field of real estate and a lifetime of knowledge of Sardinia as an exclusive property location. Walter Martini, an expert in the field of luxury rentals with extensive experience in hospitality joins the team as rental supervisor.

Von der Heyden Real Estate has launched over 70 properties in its Costa Smeralda 2020 collection, featured in its experiential website Featuring in its first season is an exclusive sea view property, Villa Contissa, located in a prime location on the hills of Miata, overlooking Sardinia’s open sea and the archipelago of La Maddelena.

VDHGRES Italy Press Release 24 08 2020 ENG

Von der Heyden Group begins construction on Poznań’s highest A-Class Building, Andersia Silver in Poland

International investment and Real Estate firm Von der Heyden Group has announced the start of construction for Andersia Silver, Poznań’s highest A-Class building after Andersia Tower (105,2 m). The 117,5m high skyscraper is being developed by the Group  through a joint venture company between ‘First Polish Real Estate B.V.’ and the City of Poznań with PORR as international and leading general contractor. The high-rise building  will be the fourth and final phase of the entire Anders Square project in the City. The completion of Andersia Silver in 2023 will mark the finalisation of Von der Heyden Group’s development and co-investor partnership project with the City of Poznań after Poznań Financial Center, Andersia Tower and Andersia Business Center, completed in 2001, 2007 and 2012 respectively.

Andersia Silver, designed by award winning architects Ewa and Stanisław Sipinski, is 25 storeys high with 3 underground floors, catering for over 244 parking spaces. The multi-functional commercial building will comprise of nearly 40,000 sqm in usable area, host prevalent office space and is planned to receive a LEED Certificate at the Gold Level.

Andersia Silver will complete Poznań’s most prominent skyline in Anders Square, with a joint total investment value of over a quarter of a billion Euro.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman and founder of the Von der Heyden Group: “It is with great pleasure to see the start of the Andersia Silver project, the final addition to Anders Square. For more than two decades, we have strived to achieve what Poznań’s cityscape is today: A bustling, community-oriented location with an A-class tenant structure and a unique opportunity for businesses to claim a spot on one of the major thoroughfares in the city. It is also the start of a grand finale of a very successful public-private partnership we are proud of, which lasts now more than 24 years, which speaks for itself.

Press Release VDHG begins construction of AS 10 09 2020ENG

EU-based investment company Von der Heyden Group deploys its Asset Management Division after being granted Regulatory License in Ukraine

Von der Heyden Group, an international investment firm on the European Real Estate market with a value of over 650 mln euro in aggregated invested assets has been granted an asset management license by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) of Ukraine. The registered license establishes the Group, with a long track record of being a first mover in evolving free markets, as a pioneer to the investment potential that the Ukrainian real estate market offers. The license also marks the Von der Heyden Group as one of the very first foreign-owned real estate investment firms to obtain an asset management license in Ukraine over the last decade.

The license allows the Von der Heyden Group’s new asset management subsidiary to launch a real estate fund aimed at raising capital through the private placement of shares to professional investors with a minimum investment of 250k euro.

Robert Rottinghuis, Chief Executive Officer of the Von der Heyden Group:
The economic growth over the past 5 years coupled with the unrivalled locations of Kyiv and Lviv for real estate investments and developments has shown an increasing demand for high quality commercial, industrial and residential facilities. In an unprecedented climate, our fund is designed to be one of the building blocks for institutional investors’ continued adoption of real estate assets in upcoming markets. It provides a unique opportunity to secure competitive target returns and stable cash flows for our Group as well as for our limited partners.

The Von der Heyden Group have established a best-in-class local team with extensive real estate management experience. The fund’s annual net Internal Rate of Return (leveraged, after taxes and fees) is targeted to be in the double digits over the seven-year life of the fund. The Von der Heyden Asset Management Company enables the Group to manage its own sponsored funds as well as that of other institutional investors in light of providing exposure to a rapidly developing and upcoming real estate market.

The Von der Heyden Group Asset Management Company in Ukraine marks the Group’s further expansion as an international private investment, asset management and real estate development firm with representative offices in eight countries.

VDHGAMC AMC License Press Release 15 10 2020 ENG

Knight Frank appointed lead agent to lease Andersia Silver – the highest office tower in Poznań

The Von der Heyden Group has appointed Knight Frank as lead agent to advise in leasing of Andersia Silver, a new office tower under construction in Poznań.

Andersia Silver, a modern A class office building, will complete the development of Plac Andersa in Poznań, one of the most prestigious locations in the city center. The building’s total leasable area amounts to circa 40,000 sqm over 25 floors. Tenants will also have access to 244 parking spaces in a three-floor underground car park.  Construction completion is scheduled for Q2 2023. Andersia Silver will be the tallest office building in Poznań at a height of 117.5m. The Investor plans to obtain LEED GOLD certification, attesting to ecological solutions applied both at the design and construction stages.

“We thank the Von der Heyden Group for placing their trust in Knight Frank. After its completion, Andersia Silver will be a prime office product located in the heart of the commercial center of Poznań.  In addition to panoramic views and arguably the best office location in the city, Andersia Silver will offer flexible floor layouts which have turned-out to be essential, in the times of the pandemic,” said Janusz Garstka, Associate Director at Knight Frank’s Landlord Representation.

 “We are glad to be working with Knight Frank. We highly value the competencies of their whole team as regards the leasing process and office market knowledge. The Von der Heyden Group always aims to develop high quality office buildings for the most demanding tenants. Andersia Silver will be no exception. We do understand the importance of prime location and a high quality office product for tenants whose aim is to attract and hire the most talented people to compete on the global market,” remarked Piotr Trybusz, Leasing Director at Andersia Silver.